I get up in the morning, I drink a cup of coffee, I look out of the window, I try to get it started…

Taylor’s Turnaround is on the Bane side of the Great Smoky Mountains boundary fence, near the Swag, in Waynesville, North Carolina.  I find it to be a fine place to drink the morning coffee and contemplate the great questions in life: who first thought to call them the Smoky Mountains, why do my toenails keep growing but my hair gave up on the job, and why isn’t Lyle Lovett a household name?  For those who haven’t found Waynesville yet, it’s in western North Carolina not very far from Asheville, and a great little town filled with art and artisans.  Go check it out some time!  (2 November, 2003  Waynesville, North Carolina)

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