Out flew the web, and floated wide…

When the Industrial Revolution rolled into Oslo, back before they got cable, textile mills were set up along the Akers River to harness the power of the water and that of the women who would work there.  The bronze Fabrikkjentene (The Factory Girls) by Ellen Jacobsen was set up on the Breier bridge to honor the ladies’ labors in 1986.  The city fathers of Oslo believe in the value of public art, or at least someone does, because you see it everywhere here, not just plonked down on granite pedestals where the bigwigs hang out.  On lonely street corners, in the courtyards of apartments and daycare centers, even dangling in trees overhanging the river…wherever people congregate in Oslo, public art is likely to be their companion.   They keep the sculptors and poets and painters busy here, which tells you something about their priorities.  (6 August, 2011  Oslo, Norway)

2 thoughts on “Out flew the web, and floated wide…

  1. Jay . . last night at dinner at your Sister’s home she shared your web address with us. Love your pictures and comments… just not enough of them. Post tons more, please.

    (Reminder: I am the one you talked with re: the tankless water tans months ago while you were still in BNA)

    Be safe and take more pictures to post!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Barb! Thanks so much for your kind comments. I’m enjoying doing this, and I’m blessed to have plenty of time for it right now. I’ve always loved photography, now I have a way to share it.

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