What if your “higher purpose” in life is to serve as a cautionary tale?…

I guess most people at some point in their lives ask themselves “why am I here, what am I supposed to accomplish in my time on earth”?  Should you aspire to be a great son, a loving sister, maybe a soulmate for another?  Will you cure heart disease, or just get it?  Raise a bunch of great kids, or just a bunch of hell?  Like a lot of things in life it seems finding the question is a lot easier than finding the answer.  I shot the photo below in the infield of an auto race some years ago.  Normally just getting there is an expensive and difficult task requiring connections and luck, something that people dream of doing long before they find a way in.  Now, I doubt this guy got up that morning and said to himself “what I really need to complete my enjoyment of the day is to pound a sixer through a transmission funnel and then pass out”…but that’s the direction his day headed.  Everyone screws up sometimes, fails to listen to that little voice of reason whispering in their ear, and pays the consequences.  You pick yourself off, make your apologies and pay the piper, and then hopefully you learn from the experience and don’t have to do that again.   And who knows, maybe you help someone else by serving as an object lesson?  It could happen…  (13 April, 2008  Phoenix, Arizona)

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