Beauty and silence both run deep…

If you need a little downtime to unwind your mind and rethread your head, I recommend the beach.  I know, it ain’t the latest thing, but cliches like the “quiet walk on the beach” get to be cliches for a reason.  Any place with simple and pleasing visual distractions, combined with the space to let your mind go where it will, can be a tonic when you’re troubled.  We put so much time and energy in “going”, and not enough in contemplation of “where to”, and I think that incoherence between what and why is a great source of stress.  An added bonus is the cool stuff that washes up on the beach, like this skeleton of a sea urchin!  What little I know about sea urchins is confined to a strong desire not to locate the creatures by stepping on them.  In life, they are loaded with sharp, pointy spines that cause instant regret when introduced to tender flesh…a highly useful adaptation if like the urchin your motor skills are lacking.  (29 March, 2011 Robe, South Australia)

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