Here’s a little tip I would like to relate, big fish bites if ya’ got good bait…

They’re called stockfish, and for centuries this was mostly what Norway had to trade with the rest of the world.  These guys were hanging around on our tour of the Hanseatic Museum in Bergen.  The Hanseatic League (we were told by our comely German tour guide) was an organization of German merchants who set up enclaves in mostly Northern European cities to serve as trading outposts.  They had a pretty good deal going there while it lasted, though required to live a bachelor existence, embrace celibacy, and endure a number of other restrictions of the “no more fun of any kind” variety that were popular in the Middle Ages.  The game plan was to go abroad, get rich buying from and selling to the locals, and then hand off the business to the next Hansa and go home to live happily ever after in the big house with the good German girl and raise the next generation.  They prospered for several hundred years following this formula, but you know what happens to all good things in the end.   My title comes from a song by the great blues musician Taj Mahal…if you like the blues at all and aren’t familiar with his work, get with the program!  (16 August, 2011  Bergen, Norway)   

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