B-double E-double Are You In?

Back where I come from, a beer run is something that gets done some ways through the party when you’ve run out of fuel but not out of the desire for it.  Garth Brooks and George Jones cut a song called Beer Run that got a lot of airplay, but there’s another version you probably haven’t heard by the great Todd Snider.  If you’re a fan of Americana, irreverence, and great wit, I think you may enjoy Todd’s version, and it’s a great introduction to his large and creative catalog.  If you like Garth’s music, you’re probably not going to want to bother with Todd.  The image below was shot on an island in the Oslofjord after a day of hiking, communing with nature, and discovering sunbathers au naturel…but that’s another story.  (22 August, 2010  Langøyene, Oslo, Norway)

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