Lean on me…

These girls come to mind when I think of Vigeland Park and the work of Norway’s most famous sculptor.  They look fierce and fearless, a young posse ready and eager to conquer their world together.  The grouping is a part of the largest sculpture park in the world created by a single artist, including over two hundred works in bronze, granite, and iron.  In 1924, the city of Oslo made a deal with Gustav Vigeland: they had taken the property where his old studio stood, and in return they gave him a huge central park for his studio and support for life.  From then until his death in 1943, he and his assistants worked to realize his interpretation of the Human Condition using sculpture, a fountain, gardens, and the layout of the park itself.  The resulting park is a triumph of creative vision, and one of the most popular attractions in Norway’s capital city.  It can’t go on my bucket list since I live here, but you might consider it for yours.  (20 August, 2011  Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway)

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