Here’s looking at you, kid…

Bogie and Bacall were a bit before my time, but I certainly heard reference to them and eventually checked out some of the old classics.  Bogart came up through the studio system, back when actors did what they were told when they were told or they got shut down…which means fine actors often made dreadful films because saying “no” wasn’t an option.  Not all of Bogie’s films are captivating today, but when he was good he was very good.  African Queen with Katherine Hepburn is still great, as is Key Largo, The Caine Mutiny, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre…but I have to go with Casablanca as my favorite.  His expat existence resonates with me, and Bogie has so many classic lines in his role as the soft-hearted tough guy Rick Blaine.  My favorites include:
“Here’s looking at you, kid”,
“We’ll always have Paris”, and my favorite
“I remember every detail.  The Germans wore gray, you wore blue”
Regarding the flying fox below, I’m not a bat-hater by any means but I think that speculative look its eyes combined with a three-foot wingspan and the proximity of 20,000 of his closest friends was a little creepy.  (12 March, 2011  Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia)

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