I say love it is a flower, and you its only seed…

I suppose people around the world saw the way flowers symbolized Norway’s refusal to be drawn into the hate that fueled the madness in Oslo…hundreds of thousands of roses were carried to honor the victims and then left in tribute everywhere, along with teddy bears and handwritten notes of solidarity and other things that meant something powerful to those who left them.  What I missed in all the reporting, and would still not know were it not for a Norwegian friend, is that the rose symbolizes not just the people’s commitment to the path of brotherly love…it’s also the symbol of the Labor Party that was attacked that day in Oslo and on Utøya.  I shot this lovely rose on a bike ride around Maridalsvannet Lake in Oslo, in the beautiful and peaceful country that is Norway.  (2 August, 2011  Maridalsvannet, Oslo, Norway)

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