There’s a lipstick sunset, smeared across the August sky…

When John Hiatt sings “maybe love’s like that for me, maybe I can only see as you take away the light”, he’s wondering if love is recognizable only as it fades, like a sunset is only visible as the light is leaving.  The man knows about pain, and I imagine so does the guy rowing in the image below.  If you’ve never tried rowing as an exercise, I can’t say I recommend it.  Rather, I’d advise you to sit down until the feeling passes…rowing is a lot of work!  If you’re looking for exercises that burn lots of calories though, rowing is right up there with running, aerobics, playing basketball, and my new favorite- cross-country skiing!  There are more than 90 kilometers of ski trails lit by floodlights just in Oslo, and skiing them is free!  When you live like we do in a city second only to Tokyo as the most expensive place on earth, you have a keen interest in anything that is free.  So, keep your rowing and bring on the skiing, and we’ll both be happy with the bargain!  (16 September, 2011 Arno River, Firenze, Italy)

2 thoughts on “There’s a lipstick sunset, smeared across the August sky…

  1. Gorgeous photo!!!!!!!!! i love sunsets and sunrises (i think the sunrise in norway is spectacular)

    PS: i loved your comment about the reasoning of why things stock out in norway so fast at stores. i get soooo frustrated with it and never knew why. but it makes sense! i was recently out of the knekkebrød i eat and i went to EVERY single grocery store in 5 miles (which was like 7 stores) to find it and every single one was stocked out. i just assumed the distributor wasnt doing their job, but i didnt realize there was a monopoly on the whole thing! it completely makes sense 🙂 i really love your comments and appreciate you reading my rants even if they can be ridiculous sometimes!!! hope you have a great week!

    • Thanks! I should look into the science of it, but I believe the sunrises and sunsets here can be prettier for some reason….hello, new post! As regards the monopoly, that’s how I’ve reasoned it out and I’ve had some confirmation from one of the store managers here…not exactly admissible in court, but it quacks like a duck so I think there’s a duck involved. Love your posts: it’s interesting to follow someone of somewhat different circumstances down a similar path to ours here. The similarities and differences are interesting, and your voice is enjoyable!

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