I got friends in low places…

Everyone’s been the new guy somewhere, so you know how much it can mean to be warmly welcomed.  When my good friend Don moved down to Tennessee from Ohio, he found a job working for a construction crew.  His first day on the job involved being on the road for hours with his new boss, whom he’d never met.  So Don shows up and introduces himself to Boss, who responds “Great.  Another chicken-eatin’ bastard from Ohio.  Get in the car”.  Don says there wasn’t a lot of talk in the car on the way to wherever, oddly enough.  Yep, setting the tone is so important for geting people off to a good start!  That’s Don in the photo below, standing on a bridge in Dublin wondering how long it’s going to take me to take a picture already…Christ!  We may have been over-served by an apprentice Irish bartender the night before, it can sap your patience.  (24 June, 2004  Dublin, Ireland)

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