I’ll see my mother again I know…

“I see her everywhere I go.  Sometimes I see my father too, pourin’ over blueprints that he drew.  He made his way with sweat and brains, so I could ride this first class train.  Well, he didn’t even know where to, only knew it wouldn’t be long…always moving on.”  Those are the opening lines to another great song by John Hiatt called Moving On.  The song speaks to me about how life’s all about change, about the process of “moving on” to the next thing or maybe the next phase of life.  I think about this often, living here in Oslo.  The panoramic image of Oslo you see below is something I created a few months ago for a fellow blogger at The Oslo Eye: he writes a very useful and entertaining series of articles about local commerce from the expat’s perspective.  Being the capital city and home to the royal family, Oslo is the largest and arguably the most cosmopolitan city in Norway.  I’ve mentioned before that Norway is a very wealthy country, and you can really see it in the architecture of the modern buildings that are scattered around the waterfront and other sections of town.  You see it also in the many cranes that rise above construction sites and the city skyline, testifying to some deep Norwegian pockets and confident visions for the future…we don’t see a lot of that in a world that is hunkered down trying to ride out a grinding economic downturn.  The good news is that while change is unsettling, it also always signals opportunity for those who can see it and are willing to embrace it.  So good luck, keep calm and carry on, and wear glasses if you need ’em.  (1 September, 2011  Oslo, Norway).

5 thoughts on “I’ll see my mother again I know…

  1. Dude, you have a blog and I am JUST now finding out about it? HUH???? Well, better late then never I guess 🙂 You´re pretty talented, really enjoyed the sunset comparison post with the various sunsets around the world- very cool- why do I never think of such things?? hahahahaha…
    The title of your post today hit a nerve. I am going to have my first conversation with a psychic today and he is supposedly going to get in touch with my mom. Part of me thinks I am completely nuts and an idiot for doing this and another part thinks WHAT IF he really can do this and then the last part is like going to freak if he really can get in touch with her!
    Thanks for finally sharing your blog with me- I´ll be back 🙂

  2. I like “wear glasses if you need ’em”. I tend to use them for the morning crossword. It is a beautiful time each day.

    I like the idea in the Hiatt lyric that so many people worked really hard for things they could not anticipate. History and economics are more interesting than they were in school.

    Remember buying a used Hiatt tape in a Pakistani shop in ’93 or so in the UK and thinking “I can do whatever I want now. I have a little bit of home in my pocket.”

    Panoramas are I think an expansion industry.

    I grew up with this.
    It is much better in my imagination.


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