It’s not my cross to bear…

I like to do a little woodcarving when I get the chance, in this case a celtic cross.  One day here in Oslo when the weather was cooperating and I was banging away in the courtyard, I had a little helper come work with me for a while…seems I’m not the only one who likes to see the chips fly.  He hung out with me for a bit, being helpful in the tradition of his kind, and then moved on to greener pastures when he tired of the game.  I’ve found that people in Oslo don’t readily approach strangers, but apparently the sight of some nut carving religious icons out in the open is simply irresistible bait…Night Fury in the photo below was not the only one who stopped to chat while I whittled away.  Below my helper is the finished product.  (23 May, 2011 Oslo, Norway)                                  

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