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I’m Jay Moore…a native of Nashville, Tennessee now living in Oslo, Norway with my incomparable and highly tolerant wife.  I labored in the engineering/nerd trenches for years before finding my calling in Marketing.  I’m also a lifelong photographer with an eye for the unusual and the willingness to lug the equipment everywhere…you can’t capture the moment if the camera’s on the shelf.  High-resolution copies of the images on this website are available, just contact me at this address.  I’m also available for hire at reasonable rates for assignments, contact me here for a quick response.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out my photos.  It’s a labor of love for me, and I’d love to hear from you if any of the images particularly catch your eye.

4 thoughts on “It’s all About me…

  1. All of them catch my eye! I am trying to improve my eye and my skills in photography and glad you stopped by at my blog so I could see your talent.
    Wonderful pictures Jay. Will keep coming back!

  2. Hi Jay. Complete coincidence that I stumbled across your site. I was searching for angels on a bridge and got your photograph of the Angel Bridge in Rome. I have always had a love for photographers and, due to many life changes, will be able to take time to learn about it. Your photos are so beautiful. You are very blessed to have been to so many historic cities. I hope for that one day as well. Do uou have a recommendation for an economical beginner’s camera and/or equipment. Thank you.

    • So very sorry I just found your question. Had a few life changes of my own that led me away from my blog for years. If you haven’t already figured out your “starter” camera, to me it mostly comes down to Cannon or Nikon. People, me included, tend to stay with the brand that they start with since your accessories, lenses, etc. are so expensive and mostly don’t cross over. I use Nikon. Can’t say I am in love with all their choices over the years, but once you have a bunch of lenses it’s hard to swap brands. If I had it to do over again, I might choose Cannon, but that might just be me thinking the grass is greener over there. Pick one of those two and try not to look back too much I guess. And in any case, the lenses are where you’re going to spend your money. Buy the best quality you can in lenses, and the camera bodies will mostly take care of themselves.

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